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Happy New Year, everybody — here’s where you can find me during the next couple weeks:

1/8 MACHIASPORT, ME – House Concert – inquire about details, 7pm
1/9 METHUEN, MA – House Concert – inquire about details, 6:30pm
1/20 YARMOUTH, ME – Gather, 6:30pm
1/22 BURLINGTON, VT – Light Club Lamp Shop, 8pm
1/23 TAMWORTH, NH – Tamworth Lyceum, 7pm (doors 6pm – tickets here)
1/24 PORTLAND, ME – One Longfellow SquareDavid Bowie Tribute Concert, 5:00pm
1/25 PORTLAND, ME – One Longfellow Square — opening for The Weather Station with Max Garcia Conover, 8:00pm
1/29 SOMERVILLE, MA – House Concert – inquire about details, 7pm
2/11 PRINCETON, NJ – House Concert – inquire about details, 7pm
2/16 BROOKLYN, NY – Pete’s Candy Store with Stephanie Jenkins

See you out there,


Happy December, everyone.

It’s been a little over a month since Solo Piano came out, and I’ve been really flattered by the responses to it you’ve all come back with since then. It’s nice to have a live album out there, but I have to confess it was a bit of a pain to assemble, so I’m enormously relieved that so many of you have been enjoying it. If you haven’t picked one up because you’re still waiting to be convinced, the great Ken Templeton over at Red Line Roots wrote a really nice thing about it here.

Here’s an interesting thing about those CDs: they are excellent holiday presents. You can order hard copies here and/or purchase a download of the album here. For the latter option, there’s even a way for you to send that download as a gift(!), in case the person you’re buying presents for doesn’t know how to use a CD player.

It’s also wintertime, which means my constantly-expanding seasonal album, Midwinter, is available for download again, here. There are two new songs this year. Have at it.

I just got back from another long national tour, which, though full of many brilliant moments, also held a few less-than-brilliant moments. Although it resulted, for instance, in the sad demise of the car I’ve been touring in since I started (it didn’t go quietly, either: the radiator exploded in the middle of the desert), all the inconveniences I was going through seemed somehow to bring out the best in the people and places I came upon along the way. I felt lucky to have a room full of sympathetic ears every night, and many of the shows on this tour were among the most gratifying I’ve ever played. So thanks, western & southern America, for being just the people I needed, just when I needed them.

Speaking of that tour, if you want a glimpse of what it looked like, I just collected a bunch of photos in an album you can view here. You’re also encouraged, as usual, to follow me on Instagram if you’re ever interested in seeing where I am and what I happen to be staring at.

Most importantly: a few great shows in the northeast are coming in the next couple of weeks! Some of these are among my favorite places to play:

12/4 CAMBRIDGE, MA WEMF Radio, 5pm
12/5 FITZWILLIAM, NH Fitzwilliam Inn, 7pm
12/8 CAMBRIDGE, MA Lilypad, 8:45pm
12/10 NEW YORK, NY The Living Room, 9pm (the lovely and excellent Stephanie Jenkins opens at 8pm)
12/14 PORTSMOUTH, NH The Red Door, 8pm
12/19 MANCHESTER, MA Manchester by the Book, 8pm

All my upcoming performances are always listed here.

Thanks again, everybody, for showing me around the country yet again, and this time, many extra thanks to all of you who helped me to get home safe.

I hope you’re all enjoying the start of winter. See you soon.

PS. My friend Anna Glynn, a prolific and talented multimedia artist in Australia, recently made a really beautiful short video using my song “We Never See Anything Clearly” from Field Studies as the soundtrack. You can view it here.

Solo Piano: now available!

Solo Piano, my first live album, is now out in the world and obtainable! Order a physical CD here or download the record right away here.

I recorded this thing all over the place, and I’m immensely pleased to have it back out in the world. It sounds like this:

Hello from the middle of Nebraska. I’m in the middle of a six-week national tour — if you live near one of these places, hopefully I’ll see you in the near future!

Until then, please enjoy the new music. Thanks for your support. I can’t wait to hear what you think of the live record.