Salt (2017)

A shorter, quieter record that explores landscapes of motion, unrest, ambiguity, and change. Salt looks to estuaries, tidal rivers, fault lines, frozen lakes, and other areas where the ground is undependable, and weaves the experience of those environments into a narrative about finding stability in unexpected places.

  1. Champlain

  2. Break

  3. Pine

  4. Salt

  5. Let

  6. Landfall

  7. Slip

  8. Oxbow

  9. Kennebec

  10. Glass

Listen to sample tracks, read reviews, and download the digital album here.

"A moody exercise in restraint and excess; the composer's attention to space and atmosphere conveys as much emotional information as do the actual notes he plunks out... [w]hile it's easy to get lost in innovative chord progressions and dazzling finger work, Cosgrove's use of negative space and subtle, perhaps insignificant, details are just as striking. Replete with near-imperceptible embellishments and forward-thinking concepts, Salt is a majestic entry into the composer's catalog." 
- Seven Days

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Field Studies (2014)

An expansive and dynamic studio album, featuring 13 rich and textured tracks directly inspired by the experience of different North American landscapes. One of the best local releases of 2014 according to Sound of Boston.

  1. Lafayette

  2. Montreal Song

  3. West

  4. Little Rain

  5. Abilene

  6. Palo Alto

  7. We Will Be Fine

  8. Sigurd F. Olson

  9. Hold Your Latitude

  10. Bath

  11. We Never See Anything Clearly

  12. Narrow Land/River of Grass (feat. David Berkeley)

  13. Nautilus

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Solo Piano (live, 2015)

Thirteen tracks collected from performances around the country in 2014/15. Includes live versions of songs from Empty RoomsYankee Division, and Field Studies in addition to four songs that were previously unreleased. Ben’s only live album -- or solo piano album -- to date.

  1. Montreal Song

  2. Black is the Color / Palo Alto

  3. Grace Harbor

  4. Abilene

  5. Come Down

  6. Wind Falling from a Higher Place

  7. Siletz

  8. When You Are a Road

  9. Distant Music

  10. Bath

  11. Nashua

  12. Coldwater

  13. Nautilus

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Yankee Division (2011)

Ben's 2011 album, primarily inspired by the landscape of north-central New England. Yankee Division was recorded in a Cambridge apartment and a college dorm room.

  1. Prairie Fire

  2. I Am Walking Inland

  3. When You Are a Road

  4. Nashua

  5. From 10,000 Feet

  6. Middle Distance

  7. North Central

  8. Good Fences

  9. Oarlock

  10. All the Weather Ahead

  11. Yankee Division

  12. I Remember When Days Like These Were Instantly Available

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Seven Essays (2016)

Seven pieces of short nonfiction written between 2010 and 2016. Each mini-book is handmade, 50 pages long, and available only in increasingly limited quantities.

  1. Looking Through the Earth

  2. Higher Latitudes

  3. Ballast

  4. The Great Silent Places

  5. You Are the One Who Must Grow Up

  6. Carriers

  7. Headwaters

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3×3″ sticker designed by artist Max Davis. Great way to improve the appearance of your bumper, instrument case, or pretty much any other item with a surface. Magnets with identical design/dimensions are also available.